OCT 2014:  The Spectrum reports that the Student Environmental Network (EN) has launched a petition to ban Styrofoam use within the UB Commons.

MAR 2015: The Professional Staff Senate (PSS) joins with EN. Representatives from both groups meet with each Commons vendor and deliver letters stating concerns and presenting alternative solutions.

DEC 2015: Students deliver follow-up letters to Commons vendors. Some vendors express an interest in alternatives, but none take action.

NOV 2015: PSS unanimously passes a resolution titled “Greening the Commons”.

FEB 2016: The Spectrum reports on the PSS Resolution: New UB initiative aims to ‘green’ The Commons

APR 2016: The Faculty Senate unanimously passes the Greening the Commons resolution.

NOW: Faculty, students and staff launch a flyer campaign to encourage UB Commons to eliminate the use of Styrofoam; voice their concerns that venders serve food in safe and compostable/recyclable containers; and to patronize and promote vendors who have eliminated Stryofoam and who provide recycling options to their customers.